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From home business to leader on many fronts

Komnik & Franck has long been a well-known and trusted business presence in Namibia. It was founded in 1954 by Mr Anton Komnik and Mr George Franck with the aim of being a manufacturing representative business – in short, taking orders from customers, ordering goods from the manufacturer and earning a commission
on these dealings.

In 1984 Mr Hellmut Kriess also joined the company as a new business partner. The business started in a private home and garage in Klein Windhoek Road (now Nelson Mandela Avenue) with only three employees and has since grown to a prominent, established business with 30 staff members in various business sections including management, administration, sales, marketing, a workshop and warehousing.

In March 2009 the business moved to 48 Cobalt Street in Prosperita, from where it still operates at this present day. Since February 2016 Jürgen Cronje has joined Hellmut and the Komnik & Franck team as new business partner. Originally, the main product ranges that were on offer were clothing, footwear, wool, coffee and industrial resins.

In keeping with the times and customer demand, these products have been changed and adjusted over the years. Currently, coffee is the only product from the original range which Komnik & Franck still has on offer.

Other modern day ranges include:
  • hospitality products, tea, hot chocolate, room service items, jams, juice concentrates, oils and spices,
  • amenities,
  • wines and
  • the relevant machinery which accompany these ranges.

Komnik & Franck caters for customers in the hospitality industry,
such as hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, lodges, guest farms,
but also corporate companies and retail customers. Customer satisfaction is considered of utmost importance, and therefore special attention is given to the service level to ensure that product ranges are always up to date and offer the best possible quality for our customers. For this reason, product ranges and agencies are chosen with special care in order to ensure that any new additions fit in and complement our current
offering as well as the needs of our customers.

The Barista Training Centre, situated at our premises in 48 Cobalt Street, provides a platform and venue to experience and learn the specialized knowledge, art and quality skills in the preparation of various modern-day coffee products

Komnik & Franck have remained a trusted, reliable and constant business force in Namibia and promises to ensure a continuation of this trend in coming years.

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NOW offering Barista Training course! For further information on future Barista Training Courses kindly contact Tania at Komnik & Franck on (061) 222 411 OR E-mail